Refrigerated Supply
Chain Solutions

Warehouse & Storage
Fully-equipped, quality controlled, refrigerated storage for any of your logistic needs.
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Move your freight in multiple different modes whether over-the-road, brokerage or on the rail.
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Supply Chain Management
A solid supply chain that will move your product from your warehouse to its final destination.
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Temperature Controlled
FSMA compliant, high food quality control from pick up to delivery.
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About Us Welcome to Transera Logistic

Welcome to crest logistics

CREST Logistics, LLC,  is focused on the logistics of transcontinental refrigerated transportation of fresh produce.

CREST Logistics provides warehouse and transportation management of refrigerated products. Although we service a broad range of temperature controlled products, our focus is the transportation of produce from sheds on the West Coast to distributors and retailers on the East Coast, CREST Logistics participates in a total supply chain solution to expedite produce in a cost-competitive model.

By combining transportation from the origin dock door to the rail cross dock facility, warehouse inventory management, box car loading to maximize customer savings, destination deconsolidation, destination inventory management and transportation to its final destination.

CREST is a customer focused service organization that understands the value of each load to your supply chain.

We are committed to providing secure transportation, real-time inventory control and visibility as well as a high standard of food quality control.

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